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Clarke Investment Philosophy

The Clarke team is comprised of individuals that come from various technical and operational backgrounds. Clarke is a financial investor, with skills that are predominantly analytical and transactions-based. Clarke management strives to be cognizant of both its strengths and its limitations, partnering with talented management teams and knowledgeable equity partners to identify attractive opportunities and execute credible business plans in an effort to build and ultimately realize value for our security holders. In supporting portfolio companies, Clarke typically delivers some of all of the following services:

  • Research and Analysis: conducting in depth research and analysis that identifies businesses, facilitates appropriate investments and supports effective decisions making.
  • Management Team Building: assisting at the Board level with the identification, recruitment, incentivizing and retention of key management personnel.
  • Ongoing Support: providing businesses identified as core investments with strong Board-level governance support, strategic direction and excellent technical support for their ongoing operations through the delivery of the following services: treasury, taxation, legal, real estate and accounting.
  • Transaction Support: providing portfolio companies with valuations, legal services, tax planning, real estate advice and treasury and banking support in the context of mergers, acquisitions and divestitures that are, in each case, aligned with the strategic mandate for the individual business.
  • Value Realization: assisting management to realize value from a mature investment or exit a failed or struggling business in a way that maximizes net cash proceeds, minimizes ongoing liabilities and achieves optimal tax results.
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